Getting Married? Say “I Don’t” To The High School Sway

Getting Married? Say “I Don’t” To The High School Sway

We’ve all been to the wedding that had everything: a perfect exchange of vows, great reception venue, and mouth-watering food, only to watch the newly wedded pair look awkward on the dance floor as they sway from side-to-side. 30 years ago, this may have been perfect, but in the days of YouTube and a video recorder existing on most phones, the high school sway as your wedding dance doesn’t cut it anymore. Here are 5 reasons why you should include dance lessons as you get ready for your wedding.

Dance lessons are something you can walk away with

  • The floral arrangements are beautiful and the wedding cake’s buttercream frosting is amazing, but in six months the frosting is just a memory and the flowers will have dried up. In contrast, your newly developed dance skills will last for the rest of your life. No matter the event you’re invited to, be it a friend’s wedding, a work function, gala, or a spontaneous romantic night out, you can dance with your special someone just like you did at your wedding.

It’s a nice gift to start your wedding off right

  • When you put a bunch of people from all aspects of your life into one room, it can be tough to get the fun rolling. An easy way to make that happen? A rockin’ first dance! Having been to a lot of weddings (#neverthebride [sigh]), I can tell you that it’s really cool to see the wedding couple busting a move and having a lot of fun. And when I see them having fun, I want to jump on the floor with them as soon as possible to share in the awesome-ness!

When you and your loved ones look back, it should be a highlight of your wedding

  • What better way to make the most of the money you’ve invested in your wedding than with a first dance you can recreate anytime you want? I’d like to think I’d jump at the chance if I was given the opportunity to relive the joy and excitement of my special day. Wouldn’t you?
  • As for father-daughter/mother-son dances, what better way to show how much you appreciate all they’ve done than with a customized dance you’ll both remember fondly? Including your parents is the best intangible thanks you can give.

It prepares you for anything that might come up at the wedding

  • You want to be prepared for everything, but the reality is that unpredictable things happen at weddings. While taking dance lessons won’t prepare you for all of those “unpredictables”, they’ll help a lot. If the music gets messed up, a four year old darts onto the floor in the middle of your dance, you realize your shoes are uncomfortable or your outfit is more restrictive than expected, you’ll be prepared for those and a variety of other potentially stress-inducing situations.

It allows you to make a statement about who you are as a couple

  • Whether you’re romantic, sweet, or goofy and fun, your first dance should match the vibe of you as a couple. Do you want an exciting and high energy dance? Perhaps slow and romantic is more your vibe? If you can’t decide, make it a blend of the two. There’s nothing like switching it up on your audience to keep them engaged. And it’s your special day, so customize your dance to show off who you are!

Celebrating love is the theme of the day when it comes to weddings. Will the celebration be ruined if the first dance doesn’t go according to plan? Absolutely not, but being more prepared will help take a lot of the stress out of your big day.


And the more you’re able to enjoy your celebration, the more joyous of an occasion it will be for everyone involved. So do yourself and your guests a favor: take a few dance lessons, have fun learning a new skill, and start celebrating your love for each other before you even tie the knot!

Written by: Kelly, New Student Director from Arthur Murray Dance School of Tacoma
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