Is Ballroom Dance Truly Timeless?

Is Ballroom Dance Truly Timeless?

I think most people fall into the world of ballroom dancing by accident. Sometimes we’re forced into it, other times it’s something we stumble upon. No matter how it came into your life, we use dance to connect both emotionally and physically with people while celebrating the happenings in our lives.  And it has existed since the beginning of time, which is why I believe Arthur Murray, and ballroom dance as a whole, is truly timeless. If you need more proof, here are four points on the timelessness of ballroom dance.

Human Touch

  • Be it a handshake, hug, or high five, touch is a universally accepted way to communicate with someone (it also has health benefits – check out this article by the New York Times). When you add music to the mix and your body starts swinging and swaying to the beat, you want to connect with the people around you. Not only does dance unify us, it also acts as the ultimate ice breaker. Don’t know what to say? Dance!

Dancing Is Comfort Food

  • Dance operates in a way similar to comfort food. Once you start, your mood immediately changes. Think about it: when a great song comes on, the music changes us from an auditory perspective as our minds are stimulated. In turn, it makes us want to change our physical state. That’s where dance comes in. Whether you’re having a bad day, are angry, or just in need of some love, dance it out.

Assesses How You Look

  • In my experience, when someone is asked whether they want to feel good or look good, most people prefer looking good. After all, most would rather fit in first by looking good and blending in with the group, and then later choose to stand out if they desire. One of the benefits of ballroom dancing is its ability to make you think about how you look in the eyes of others and ultimately put you more in touch with yourself in general.

“Something Old, Something New…”

  • Much like the bride couplet about the four things that bring good luck (old, new, borrowed, and blue), ballroom dance embodies something old, as it goes back hundreds of years, but also represents something new, as it stays current in all of the latest trendy dances. I like to call it the ‘time machine effect’. Stretching from the time before your parents’ parents to the children of today, there’s something for everyone.

Think about the qualities that make Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers popular to this day. They’re classic, confident, clean-cut, and cool. Qualities that withstand the test of time. And while it would be great to have their advanced skills, it’s their approach to dancing that makes them timeless. Much like enjoying karaoke doesn’t require good singing, dancing is for everyone.  So the next time you hear a great tune, let yourself move and groove to it and remember that you’re carrying on a timeless tradition.

Written by: Russ Clark, Area 6 Director for Arthur Murray Dance Schools /// Master Franchisee Arthur Murray Dance Schools of Tacoma
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