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Haruna Alhassan Avatar
Haruna A.

This location got me dancing! I do not care for their sales tactics, but overall the Arthur Murray dance community is great.

Kareem Hadee Avatar
Kareem H.

Ty gave us an excellent intro to the waltz in preparation for our first dance. He explained and demonstrated the steps well, and was so patient with us beginners! He... read more

David Odineal Avatar
David O.

My wife (33) and I (34) have been wanting to take dance lessons since we met. Decided to surprise her with an early Christmas present with lessons from Arthur Murray... read more

Zack Crawford Avatar
Zack C.

Absolutely Wonderful Ballroom Dance Studio

I have been going to Arthur Murray Seattle for about 6 months now. I have met and danced with each and every member of the team...
read more

Zander Mitchell Avatar
Zander M.

How it started: “Change your life in 21 days”, I read. A little dramatic, but ok, I’ll bite. Let’s try out the free dance class; it might be a fun... read more

Flavia Grey Avatar
Flavia G.

A super fun place to learn ballroom dancing! I moved to Seattle from NYC recently and have been wanting to learn ballroom dancing for ever. Lucky to have found Arthur... read more

Abhishek Lal Avatar
Abhishek L.

I love the instructors, staff and am having the time of my life fulfilling a dream of dance🤙🤙🤙🤙

Terry Ignacio Avatar
Terry I.

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