So You’re Having a Holiday Party…

So You’re Having a Holiday Party…

It’s always so great to throw something spectacular, especially when you’re getting festive with the seasons right? From personal experience, planning a holiday party can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, but then again in the big picture we’re about to plan something EPIC right? We might as well have a great time doing so. So here are The SIX Things you NEED to help you plan the best holiday party so everyone will rant and rave on how amazing their experience was partying with you!

First thing’s first, music. This is an essential need if you’re planning something like a holiday party. Depending on which holiday you’re getting ready for there are TONS of playlists that are accessible to you through Youtube and iTunes (search word: “specific Holiday” Music/Playlist). If you’re not too particular with what kind of music is being played, then GREAT. You’ve already completed your first step. If you want to be a little more involved with choosing the music, then you might want to set aside some time well before the party to get together your iconic Holiday Playlist!

Let’s face it. It’s your party and you’ll be trying to have as much fun, if not more fun than everyone else, right? Finding a Holiday Party Host to help you take care of the small details and the things that could potentially take you away from entertaining you guests is a MUST. Not having one would indeed be a PARTY FOUL! Find someone you trust that can help host your party! There’s always that one friend that wants to help out. This will be a perfect opportunity to collaborate with them and will definitely help you relieve some stress the day of your party.

So, your guests are there and as the music is playing, but most of them are still “holding up the wall” right? Hiring Entertainment for your party is a sure-fire way to make this event something special indeed that gets EVERYONE involved. Pending on your event, adding Dancing could be as simple as putting on music and creating a dance floor for people to move around to your hot playlist. There are different types of entertainment that you could inquire to add to this special holiday party such as a DJ, Dance Instructors for Group Class Dance Instruction, or even Holiday-Inspired Games. The options are limitless! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Literally! J

Having a themed Holiday Party with decorations is a splash of “awesomeness” that shouldn’t be over-looked for your party. Include décor that compliments your party, and even appetizers that could themed as well. Pintrest and Instagram (keyword; “specific Holiday” Decorations) are great sources for inspiration when it comes to party planning! Definitely download those apps to start planning your perfect Holiday Party.

Last but not least, it’s important to know how many people you want to invite so you have enough to host this fabulous party! Some people really enjoy sending out hand-written cards/invitations! If that is something you enjoy, perfect. Whatever your heart’s desire is, follow through with that. Otherwise, the Event Tab on Facebook is a great way to make an event and invite only the friends you want there through Facebook, if they have an account. You a can make your event Open to the Public, or you can invite just the people you want. This is a great gauge to see how many people can actually come to your party.

Hashtags are all the rage and it’s perfect way to broadcast your pictures to wide range of people. People ask me all the time, “What should I make my hashtag?” My answer is always the same. Your hashtag should be easy enough for people to type in, and not necessarily a sentence. Having a special custom #hashtag at your party is going to make the party more legit.

Now that we have our checklist in order, it’s your chance to plan the best holiday party of the century! Take these SIX general points for your party, and even dig deeper in each one until you’re satisfied with your outcome! Can’t wait to see and hear about all these epic parties! Until next time!


Written by: ETHAN, Social Media, Dance, & Creative Director
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