What You Can Expect On Your Very First Lesson at Arthur Murray!

What You Can Expect On Your Very First Lesson at Arthur Murray!

Let’s face it: the thought of signing up for lessons and putting you and your two left feet on the line can be incredibly intimidating! But the good news? After you’ve had your first lesson and gained some experience in the studio you will think to yourself: “Why did I think those thoughts? This place is awesome!” Here are three things you can expect on your very first lesson at Arthur Murray so you can skip the initial nervous stage and jump right in with confidence and ease!

  1. Your lessons will be FUN!

It’s a proven fact that moving creates endorphins, which translates to laughter and ultimately turns everything into a good time! You can expect that you are going to have a fun time learning some basic movements, socializing a little, and all in a safe environment with an instructor who is dedicated to making sure you’re enjoying this new found hobby!

PROTIP: Walk into your lesson with an open mind to learning! Your teacher is there to enhance your experience! 

  1. Your lessons will get you MOVING!

The introduction to basic dances will definitely get you moving to your teacher’s voice and ultimately to music! Let your instructor know what type of music gets you in the mood to bust out some dance moves on the floor. You might surprise yourself! Sometimes the songs you think you could never dance to are actually PERFECT!

PROTIP: The New Student Director will want to know this information too. Be sure to let them know what kind of music you love/like so the best dances are recommended for you! 

  1. Your lesson will be EASY!

All it takes to get you dancing is the first step in the door! After walking through the door at Arthur Murray you can expect to be taken care of and have a phenomenal experience! Our Certified Instructors are trained to have a good time under any circumstance so if you’re one of those students who have two left feet, PERFECT! Expect to walk in and dance out!

PROTIP: Your Certified Instructor will give you the ingredients to a successful lesson at the very beginning of your 1st lesson at Arthur Murray! Be sure to keep those tools in your tool belt, as those secrets will help you become the successful dancer you only dreamed you could be! 

While walking in is pretty much the only thing you need to get you dancing, I guarantee your lessons will also be FUN, EASY, and MOVING! If you haven’t yet, sign up for your local Arthur Murray Dance Studio’s Introductory Special and expect to have a magical experience. So join the fun! I look forward to sharing the dance floor with you!

Written by: ETHAN, Social Media, Dance, & Creative Director
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